How to Draw Bing Bong


Let's start with the head and body shapes/guides for the Bing Bong character. Once that is done draw in the limb guidelines too.


Next, begin drawing Bing Bong's head shape along with his trunk.


We will now draw in his small hat, long loopy ears and then a heart shape at the tip of his trunk for the nose.


Use the facial guidelines to draw in Bing Bong's face starting with the eyebrows, eyeballs and then draw the lining around the mouth and then the teeth.


Now that the face and head is all done, we can proceed with the body. Start with the jacket. When you draw the jacket you will also be drawing the sleeves which also forms the arms.


We will now draw in the hands and then the marks on the finger tips. Add some flowers and a button, then draw in the bow tie filled with spots.


Now draw Bing Bong's body. As you can see he is a hefty looking fellow with a large, belly filled with wrinkles and creases.


Draw the tail which should be bushy and then draw in the legs and feet. Add some stripes on the tail and legs and then you can erase your mistakes and the guidelines/shapes.


Here is what Bing Bong looks like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color him in to bring this Inside Out character to life.

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July 1, 2015

Description: For those of you who got the chance to go and see Inside Out by Disney*Pixar, you should recognize the face you see before you now. Today, we will be learning how to draw Bing Bong, step by step. He is already being known as the best or greatest character ever created by Disney*Pixar. I have not yet had the chance to see the film, but after reading an article on his status and after drawing Bing Bong because someone requested him, I am very eager to see why Inside Out is so special. I will not waste anyone's time and I will also not do a bio on Bing Bong because if I do, I will spoil the whole story for myself. Anyways, go ahead and have fun. I will be back later with some other tuts that I think you will enjoy.

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