How to Draw Sadness From Inside Out


Make two circles that will be for the head and body guides. They will attach to one another with the top circles displaying facial guidelines which will be sketched in by you.


Here you will draw the frame for Sadness' glasses. They should be round or circular in shape.


The glasses should stay center in her face so be sure in this step to draw the outline of her hairstyle and face around the eyeglasses. Her hair also parts to the left side.


Begin drawing Sadness' face starting with the crinkled up eyebrows. Color them in and then draw Sadness' eyes followed by her nose and saddened frown.


Sadness wears a turtle neck sweater so you will first need to draw the sweater collar followed by the arms or sleeves. Add cuffs to those sleeves as well.


Here just draw in the hands then add detailing to the cuffs.


Finish the shape of her upper body and sweater, then add the vertical lines for the sweater end detailing.


Lastly we will draw the hips and legs, followed by the belly and feet. Erase the guidelines you made in step one as well as the mistakes.


See that, Sadness is all cleaned up and ready to color in. I hope you had fun drawing this Disney Pixar character Sadness.

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December 26, 2014

Description: When you break a person down into five feelings that once can most commonly have you would not only have joy, anger, fear and disgust, you also have the emotion of sadness. In this lesson we will be learning how to draw the blue colored figure, Sadness. She is super sweet looking sensible emotion that always has a more intelligent piece of advice, but usually that piece of advice can also be taken as a downer. When someone has their hopes set high, Sadness always seems to find the negative in life. Drawing Sadness was very fun because she is super cute. I bet the upcoming Disney Pixar film 'Inside Out' becomes a bit hit because I can totally relate to all the emotions in our heads.

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