How to Draw Anger From Inside Out

Artist: Dawn / December 26, 2014

Step 1.

Let's start by making the outlined shape of Anger's head/face like so. When that is done move to step two but make sure the top of the head is flat.

Step 2.

You will now draw in the long, deep forehead wrinkles.

Step 3.

From under the bottom forehead wrinkle or crease draw the large wide shaped eyes. Color in the pupils and then draw out the mouth which is in an angry expressive pose.

Step 4.

Once the face is all drawn in you can add the lining to create the row of teeth.

Step 5.

Now you can draw the ball of flame that is shooting from the top of his head. As you can see the flame is almost in a flat mushroom cloud like form.

Step 6.

We will tackle the body next. Draw the dress shirt for his torso and then make the small stubby arms. Draw the cuffs of his shirt sleeves rolled up and then draw in his tie.

Step 7.

To finish off the shirt, just draw in the shirt collar and then add detailing to the tie right under the knot.

Step 8.

You can get to work with drawing the rest of his body in the form of the pants or legs. Before drawing the legs though, you have to draw the belt and then the belt hoops on the band of the pants. Draw each leg, make the bottom of the pants rolled up,   

Step 9.

Finish drawing Anger by adding the arms and tense cropped fingers. Erase your mistakes so you can begin the coloring process.

Step 10.

Grab your angry colors because it's now time to color in Anger from Inside Out which is a film by Disney Pixar coming to a theater near you.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Sorry for not getting back to the lessons a lot sooner but I was incredibly busy the past couple days with making videos and so forth. Today I will complete the tutorial session and upload the lessons on characters from the new upcoming movie 'Inside Out'. Here is "how to draw Anger", step by step from Inside Out. As you can probably guess Anger is one of the other five emotions that lives inside Riley's head. Anger does very well being his angry self, but like all things even Anger has a boiling point and that is clearly seen when he blows his lid which then makes a fiery cap. Drawing Anger in his most angriest form is going to be fun and exciting. I still have a lot more tuts to upload so if you can stick around or come back around. Either way I'm not going nowhere!