How to Draw Saeko, Highschool of the Dead

Artist: Dawn / June 12, 2011

Step 1.

Ok everyone, before we leap into any major stuff, we must first begin with the basis shapes of the body. Notice how the torso area takes a huge chunk of the picture. This is because Saeko's chest is ginormous and by her blessed chest, the rest of her   

Step 2.

Next, it's time to draw the hairline of Saeko. Start with the hairline first before you proceed onwards to the chin. Take your time, rushing can hack up a drawing pretty badly. Saeko has a very pointed chin with fluffed - soft cheeks. Keep that in mi   

Step 3.

Next, time to work on her eyes. Begin with the upper lids first and move onwards to the lower lids. After you've finished sketch her brows, small nose, mouth, and pupils. Keep Saeko's nose and mouth faint, by using light lines.

Step 4.

Then, work on her neckline and part of her uniform. Keep her neck nice and thin, notice how it tapers at the back and moves into the shoulders of the uniform. Use precise and light lines for the process of drawing Saeko.

Step 5.

Let's move onto drawing her hair. This was a fun part for me to shade and highlight, mainly because I was trying so hard to shade like classic anime images. Draw the scalp of her hair a few inches away from the initial point of the guidelines. She ha   

Step 6.

Next, let's compose the lines of her shoulders. The shoulder width should be no larger than the height from her head to neck. This is an excellent way to proportion the shoulders of an anime character. Keep in mind the flow of her clothes, and how wr   

Step 7.

Then, we shall work on her little tie, the part of her uniform! This little bow connects from the fabrics hidden beneath the upper green part of her uniform. Start the tie from the middle and flesh it out on both sides.

Step 8.

Ok, now, this may be a fun part for all you teen boys *snorts*, so let's get it over with. Saeko's chest is large (I don't know how many times I'm going to say that xD), so first, we work from one left breast to the right. I find it always easy to st   

Step 9.

Lastly, finish by drawing the rest of the torso and arm to the left. Keep the torso smaller than the breasts, so you don't have to redraw them larger, making Saeko appear fat.

Step 10.

With extra tweaks and guideline cleanup, you should result with something similar to this. Feel free to use Micron Ink pens, or just a standard ball point to give a 'crisp' feel. I had fun drawing this chickee out and I hope it was easy for you to ac   

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Artist: Dawn
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Tags: how to draw highschool of the dead characters, draw highschool of the dead
Description: Hey guys, Dawn here from DragoArt, and I've got another treat for ya'll. Last night, I was testing with various styles of coloring, and two pieces came out the way I intended. Saeko was one of them along with Kamina from Gurren Lagann. I had fun with the creation of this piece and I hope my joy rubs off on ya'll as you try it out yourself. Anyways, I've watched like, two episodes of “Highschool of the Dead” and I've gotta say, it's pretty...strange. Most of the time, it's all fan service for teen boys (water balloon jiggling boobs, heavy crotch shots, shiny butt cheeks and skin), a little too awkward for my liking. The characters are almost the same, except for Tagaki, who is a bit likable. Saeko partners with Takashi, who is the lead role in the series, but, the girl characters are most important leads it seems. They have a bigger fanbase than Takashi himself (maybe because his character is pretty dull and flat). You'll recognize Saeko by her long purple hued hair and large breasts, like most of the female characters. She has a quiet personality, and redeems a liking to Takashi over the episodes. Now, because this show is still pretty new, it's gaining publicity pretty quickly. Anyways, I've gotta flee to my next tuts, I hope ya'll enjoy this as much as I did! Don't forget to submit your artwork of Saeko and drop me a message on how you did. Deuces!