How to Draw Iron Man


In the first step what you are going to do is draw a total of seven circles. The oval circle is for the head, the round circle below his head is going to be his shoulder, the round circle on the right side is going to be his knee, the circle below th   


This is a simple step that requires two the drawing of two more circle shapes. One is a huge oval that is going to be the body, and the other circle is part of the right leg.


In this step draw the line work for the right arm, if you look at the shaping of the arm it is nothing more than a bunch of odd shaped squares. Go down to the left arm and start the sketching for that as well, The two legs are real easy. Draw the lin   


Sketch the inner details which add dimension to the arm. Take your time, we have a lot more work to do!


This step is all about filling in the holes. An easy way to draw the back is to start from the shoulder line and draw a straight line with a slight curve down to the other shoulder. Do the same thing for the front of the chest. Sculpt the shape of th   


Detail, detail, and more detail. That is what this step is all about. A bunch of line art. The best thing to do in this step is to enlarge the image and follow each line by steps. Start at the head first then the arm to the afar right. After you comp   


In this step you are going to finish off the detailing by sketching out the rest of the lines. Draw the two almond shaped eyes and just a simple straight line for his mouth. After you finish with all the detailing erase all those guidelines and clean   


Finish by drawing his foot, drawing the outlines first and then using thin line weights for the individual inner details.


Lastly, draw the leg by first starting with the thigh and then the knee. Once you've got a nice outline of these leg, begin sketching thin details to add variety.


Your done that's it. Your sketch should look like this after you are threw. You did a good job now you have your own picture of the Iron Man 3 for the premier this May! I hope you guys liked learning "how to draw Iron Man step by step".

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January 21, 2008

Description: This tutorial is for all the Marvel Comics fans that are awaiting the release of the new Iron Man movie in theaters 05.02.08. Let’s talk a little about the history of Iron Man; He first made an appearance in Tales of Suspense that featured science fiction and supernatural stories. Making his first début in his own comic book series called “The invincible Iron Man #1” in May of 1968. He was an electrical engineer named Anthony Stark that inherited his fathers company at the age of 21, after the death of his two parents. While visiting Vietnam, he was injured by a booby trap and then later taken prisoner by a warlord named Wong Chu. Slowly dying from shrapnel in his heart, he was demanded to work for the warlord and make weapons along with another prisoner Yin Sen. Wong Chu had absolutely no idea what the two scientists were really doing behind closed doors. Both worked together to build a powered armor suit to help keep Dr. Stark alive by helping his heart stay beating. The suit was an exoskeleton that gave stark enormous strength and power. He eventually killed the evil warlord and his soldiers and made his way to freedom. Iron Man is a new character to me, I mean I heard of him but never really read anything on him or watched cartoons with him in it. I’m putting up this tutorial to show you "how to draw Iron Man step by step" with detailed instructions. Even though I’m not familiar with Iron Man I can still draw the hero for all to learn from. I used the image from the real character depicted in the new film from a certain magazine that talks about the new flick. I will see you on another day. I would like to mention one last thing before I leave you guys to this awesome tutorial on "how to draw Iron Man", step by step, visit Marvel Comics website to get more detailed and updated information on Tony Stark no matter how old this lesson may get by clicking here. I also have a lesson on how to draw Hulk you can check out as well. Or, maybe you want something a bit more easier to tackle instead of struggling with an advanced lesson. My suggestion, try the tutorial that teaches you to draw chibi Iron Man, that way there you can have a go at this superhero, and still have fun. Okay, that's really it for me this time so see ya, and happy drawing!.

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