How to Draw Realistic Smurfette

Artist: Dawn / April 22, 2017

Step 1.

Start Smurfette by drawing the guide for her head, shoulder and facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Up next, sketch out the structure for Smurfette's face shape. Notice that her left cheek is pretty prominent.

Step 3.

Now to tackle her signature hairstyle. Draw the combed bangs so that they are big and puffy.

Step 4.

We will now tackle her face. Start with the big catty shaped eyes, then draw in her nose with a nice slope to it.

Step 5.

Here we will finish her face. Begin by drawing and coloring in her eyebrow. Next, finish her eyes, then draw in her pretty mouth in the form of real lips.

Step 6.

Sketch out the shape of her neck, then draw in the rest of the lining for the hat. You will then draw the hair which should be thick, a bit wavy and long.

Step 7.

Begin drawing her upper body starting with the shoulders, then draw the shirt in the form of her upper body shape.

Step 8.

You can now draw in Smurfette's left arm, then define the right arm. Add detailing to the base of her neck too.

Step 9.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the rest of her hat, then draw the hair on the left. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.

Step 10.

You are now ready to color in this realistic version of Smurfette. I had a good time with creating such a concept and I hope you did too.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 22, 2017
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Description: Have you ever wondered what Smurfette would look like if she were a real person? I know I have and because of my curiosity I wanted to experiment a little and make a drawing on "how to draw realistic Smurfette", step by step. I like the way she came out, and I tried to keep her looking true to herself as much as possible. Smurfette now has lips, big eyes, and a human face and body. If you like drawing concept art I think you will have fun with this one on Smurfette. I mean after all it's always fun drawing Smurfs.