How to Draw Peter Pan and Tinkerbell


Get started by drawing the heads, then draw the necks, shoulders and facial guidelines.


Start by drawing Tinkerbell's face profile first. Be sure to include her elf style ear.


You will now draw the hairstyle which is a nice simple style. Add her bun and you are done.


Now draw Tinkerbell's closed eye, her eyebrow and then the detailing inside her ear.


Now we can draw Peter Pan. Sketch out the shape of his face, then draw the neck shape, his ear, then some of his hair.


Up next, draw and color in Peter Pan's eyes and eyebrow. You will then draw the detailing inside his ear too.


Finish Peter Pan's head and hat then proceed to step eight.


Draw Peter's shoulder and sleeve like so, then draw Tinkerbell's hand that is resting on his shoulder.


After this step you will be done. To finish things off you will need to draw Tinkerbell's neck, back, arms and some of her torso. On the inside you will need to draw Peter's hand. Erase your mistakes then you are all done.


Color the couple in, then show everyone you know how you drew Peter Pan kissing Tinkerbell.

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August 21, 2014

Description: Everyone knows that Tinkerbell has a thing for Peter Pan in the Peter Pan movies. That is why I wanted to make this tutorial on how to draw Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, step by step. This is a very simple concept that almost anyone can try out. I think it will be a fun and exciting concept so go ahead and have some fun with it. I shall return with more tuts so stick around to see what I have next. Adios and peace out.

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