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How to Draw Rasputin, Rasputin

Artist: Dawn / March 19, 2013
How to Draw Rasputin, Rasputin

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head guide then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will now begin drawing the outline of the face which is framed by his turban and facial hair. Sketch out the lining for the facial hair which is where the mouth will go.

Step 3.

You will now draw out the turban and beard combined. The lining should be the same, but it will look separated in coming steps. When this is done draw in a simple mouth as well.

Step 4.

The area around his eyes are extremely dark so you will have to first draw the eyes, then sketch in the wrinkling under and around the eyes. When that is done darken above the eyes to form this deep indented look and stare.

Step 5.

Sketch out the nose, the indents on his cheeks, then sketch in the frown lines around the nose and mouth like so.

Step 6.

For the last step all you have to do is draw the broad shoulders, then add the sleeve seam lines at each shoulder, then add some texture to the clothing. Erase the mistakes and guides you made.

Step 7.

Color in the head and beard completely. This will give the look of a turban, and a full beard and mustache. You are now done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 19, 2013
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Tags: draw people, how to draw real people, how to draw people from history
Description: There are many stories that one can tell and some of them are considered to be unbelievable. That is the case with this next figure I am submitting now. Here is a lesson on "how to draw Rasputin", step by step. Those of you who know Russian history or are from Russia know exactly who this man is. I read a mini bio on him and found out that he wasn't the man that I thought him to me. Of course my view of Rasputin was solely based on a movie I watched when I was a kid called “Anastasia”. In the film Rasputin was a man who wanted his ruler dead along with the rest of the royal family. From what I read recently, he was a promiscuous man that was called in to help heal the son of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. His son Alexei suffered from hemophilia, and supposedly Rasputin healed Alexei and shortly after that he became advisor to the Tsarina when Tsar was away due to WWI. Rasputin played a major role in all the decision making when it came to political changes. The people of Russia knew what was going on, and they started to feel that their Tsar and Tsarina where unstable because a man that used to be a pheasant, had his hands in the cake mix when changes where made. Ultimately it lead to the Russian revolution back in 1917. Rasputin was a man that said to have healing powers, as well as the ability to stay alive. He was tortured by Prince Yusupov which included being poisoned, shot, beat, and drowned. Once Prince Yusupov saw that the poison he put in the cakes and wine didn't have any effect on Rasputin, he shot him in the heart. At first Rasputin seemed lifeless, but he came to his feet and began fighting the Prince. He was then shot again, and this time the bullet dropped him. Once he was down he was beat repeatedly, then he was driven to a bridge where his body was dumped in the water. Later the body of Rasputin was found, and an autopsy concluded that the reason for death was drowning. He was still alive when his body hit the water which means Rasputin was alive through the torment and torture. Drawing Rasputin should be interesting. I'm actually glad I did this lesson because now at least I know who he really is, and what happened to him. Thanks for joining me with another lesson guys.