How to Draw Macklemore, Thrift Shop, Macklemore

Artist: Dawn / March 17, 2013

Step 1.

Start out by making an oval shape for Macklemore's head then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Using the guide you just made, begin sketching out the actual shape of Macklemore's face structure. Along with the face shape, you will need to draw the outline of his whimsical hairstyle.

Step 3.

Tackle the hair in this step by sketching out the hairline, as well as the detailing and strand lines.

Step 4.

Next, sketch out the thick shaped eyebrows, followed by his simple looking eyes. Add the crease marks to form the lids, then add some bags under the eyes.

Step 5.

Now all you have to do is draw the nose, then draw in his full set of lips for his mouth. Add detailing to the face by adding a chin bump, followed by the mustache.

Step 6.

Next, draw out his ears, then add some detailing to the insides of them.

Step 7.

Lastly, sketch out his fluffy fluffed collar that is part of his quirky jacket in his Thriftshop video. I actually think the video is pretty entertaining. Add detailing to the collar, then start erasing the mistakes.

Step 8.

Here is the portrait drawing now that you are all done. Color in your drawing if you want, or leave the drawing as a sketch.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 17, 2013
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Description: There is a new song that has been branded in my mind and the beat gives me the feeling like I want to dance. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Macklemore", step by step. Macklemore is a rap artist that has been around since 2000. His real name is Ben Haggerty and he is from Seattle, Washington. He began his rap career when he was young and although he wasn't your typical looking rapper, he still managed to make a name for himself. The new song that I was talking about is Thriftshop and it has a real hip beat and comical lyrics. Since the songs release, it has over one hundred seventy million views and has already reached number one on the U.S. Billboard charts. Because of the song Thriftshop, Macklemore has sold over two million copies. Did you know that back when Ben started his early rapping debut, his friends called him Möcklimore because of how much of his own writing he did when he was fourteen. I don't know if he will be around for a while, or if he will be what you call a “one hit wonder”. Only time will tell but for now I'm sure you will have fun drawing Macklemore.