How to Draw Norman Bates, Bates Motel, Freddie Highmore

Artist: Dawn / March 19, 2013

Step 1.

You will begin by drawing the outlined shape of Norman's head guide. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Using the guide you made, begin sketching out the shape of his face structure, along with the parted hair style which is basically his long bangs that cross to the left or right of his face.

Step 3.

Finish sketching out the hairstyle which is a puffy bowl like du. The parted line on the right side of the drawing should be added. The lining for the outside of the hair should be in layers like so to give it that body.

Step 4.

We will now start utilizing the facial guidelines you made in step one by sketching out Norman's bushy eyebrows. The stroke should look hairy but neatly drawn. Sketch in the sides of the nose which is also attached to the eyebrows.

Step 5.

Begin sketching out the eyes which should be pretty simple to do since his eyes are single lined. You will need to add a crease over each eye to form the lid, and some definition to the inner corner of the eye as well. When that is done draw the eyeb   

Step 6.

You will now slowly sketch out the shape of Norman's nose, then add that definition to the tip of the nose.

Step 7.

To finish off the face you will need to draw in his mouth and lips. When you do this make sure t o add the chin arch, then add some shading to the mouth lining.

Step 8.

For the last step all you have to do is sketch out the shape of Norman's neck, then draw the shoulders, the collar for the button up shirt he is wearing under the sweater, then add some detailing to the shoulders and collar. Erase your mistakes then    

Step 9.

Here is the line art for Norman Bates played buy Freddie Highmore. Now you can color him in, or leave the drawing as a sketch.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I don’t know if you guys watched it on Monday, but Bates Motel aired for the first time and I hear tell that it was awesome. The series is going to blow up and little Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has the lead role. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Norman Bates", step by step from The Bates Motel. Obviously Norman Bates was originally played by the very talented Anthony Perkins back in 1960 in the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Later over the years Psycho was recreated and Norman was played by funny man Vince Vaughn. Of course when Vince played the role of Norman, I think he was in search of a character actor at that time. Meaning, we know Vince Vaughn as a comedian so when we hear his name we think of movies that he starred in that where comical, not suspenseful roles like he did in Psycho. He actually did a good job in that movie, so at least we know he is a versatile actor. Anyways, Bates Motel is a series that will be airing on A &E every Monday night. It’s probably going to be added on my list of must see shows on television along with The Walking Dead. If you didn’t know, I am a humongous fan of The Walking Dead. Rick and the Governor are my two favorite characters along with Daryl. Anyways, have fun drawing Norman Bates played by Freddie Highmore. I will be back with more drawing fun in a bit so stay tuned in. Peace people.