How to Draw Pyramid Head

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Begin the first step by drawing a straight vertical line followed by two smaller lines on the sides. This will help you make the oblong pyramid shape.


Using the guidelines you just made, draw the large diamond or pyramid shape you see here. Notice how there is two notches on the sides of the head.


Next, grab a ruler if you like and begin adding the design pattern on the head of this character. The grooves should look embossed so be sure to add shading and detailing where needed.


Add some texture crosshatching on the two shapes of the head, then sketch in the small long shapes on each side of the pyramid style head.


You will draw the tab like shapes on each side of Pyramid Head's head, and notice how there is a total of four with two on each side. Add more shading and detailing, then erase your mistakes.


Here is how the head of Pyramid Head looks when completed. Now you can draw the body, or use the line art for an awesome tattoo concept.

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August 10, 2013

Description: I know I already have a tutorial on this next Silent Hill character in chibi form, but I wanted to recreate another version that is simplified in an easier format to work with. Here we have a lesson on "how to draw Pyramid Head easy", step by step. Pyramid Head has got to be one of the scariest characters from a video game ever. The old Pyramid Head I made a lesson on is still pretty cool, it's a just a little choppy. But even so, at least in this tutorial Pyramid Head is not in chibi form, he is regular format. There is also another cool version of Pyramid Head that was created by user Mappy, and they did a really good job with their version as well. I guess that's it, Pyramid Head needs no introduction because he isn't a being that has never been heard of. Have fun folks and stick around to see what I upload next.

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