How to Draw Peepers From Wander Over Yonder

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First make a circle for the head guide then draw a square for the body guide.


You will then define the shape of the head followed by the lining for the helmet shape.


Thicken the shape of the face, then draw a large eye as well as color it in.


Here you will draw a wizard style top to Peeper's hat.


Draw the shoulders and arms, as well as the hands and torso. The hands are in fists and they are also covered with gloves.


Draw the feet and the legs, then cap off the crotch area. Erase your mistakes and move along to see what the drawing looks like when you are done.


That's it, you just drew Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. Color in this little evil character so he comes to life.

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August 10, 2013

Description: Two more characters going up from the Wander Over Yonder series that will be airing on Disney XD soon and that includes this one. Here is "how to draw Peepers", step by step. When I hear or see the name Peepers all I can think about is Chris Kattan's character from Saturday Night Live 'Mr. Peepers'. He played this monkey like animal man that was obnoxious, loud, messy and even cute. I loved it when Chris Kattan was on the show, but nowadays Saturday Night Live isn't what it used to be. I think after Will Farrell, Kristen Wiig, Chris Kattan, Jimmy Fallon, and even Horatio Sanz left that is when I really stopped watching Saturday Night Live. Enough with that chitchat, let's get on to talking about Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. I don't much, but I don know that Peepers is Lord Hater's number one henchman. As you can see Peepers isn't going to be all that difficult to draw, so I'm pretty sure a majority of you can handle this task. Have fun and remember to look for Wander Over Yonder on September 13 of this year on Disney XD.

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