How to Draw Pansage


Draw an wide round shape for the head and then make a stem like shape for the body like so. When that is all done you can draw in the arms and one face guide.


Thicken the lining that you drew in step one for Pansage's head and then incorporate the large monkey style ear shapes like you see here.


Using the one face guide you will now draw out the two oblong shaped eyes and color in some pupils. Next, draw the lining for Pansage's face marking, and then draw in the detailing for the ears.


Add a small dot for nose, and then draw out the very friendly shaped mouth like so.


Now you are ready to draw out the Florette shape on top of Pansage's head. Add in those three detailing spots and some detailing lines at the base.


This is one of the last drawing steps. Draw out the skinny torso, and then draw out the bowed legs and small feet. Make a line at the waist, and then move to step seven, the last drawing step.


Okay guys this is it. Draw out the long arms and simple looking mitten shaped hands. You will then draw out the tail and make a heart shaped tip for the tuft. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Once the drawing is done you can begin coloring in this Pokemon. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Pansage.

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May 6, 2011

Description: I have another Pokemon species from the Generation V group and this time this Pokemon is going to be a bit easier to draw than Druddigon. So having said that lets tackle today’s lesson on "how to draw Pansage", step by step. The Pansage is from the Grass type of Pokemon from the Grass Monkey species. It is also one of three of the elemental monkeys with the other two being a fire and water type. Unlike Druddigon, Pansage does evolve into another type called Simisage. This only happens when Pansage is exposed to the Leaf Stone. As you just read this is a monkey based species which means it resembles a primate. They are green and yellow in color and pretty similar to the size of an actual monkey. They have large ears, and a broccoli like sprout on top of their head. Half of the head is green and then it turns into a creamy yellow color from the nose, all the way down to the waist. After that it's back to all green again with a tuft in the form of a leaf at the end of it's tail. One of the abilities of the Pansage is the ability to overgrow itself from eating too much. A majority of Pansage is male and as you can imagine they live in heavily covered forests. You should be able to "draw Pansage" pretty easily because it is such a simple character from creation. I had fun with this tutorial which means you should too. I will try and come back with more drawing fun before IU go live but if I don't, I hope you enjoy your drawing day.

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