How to Draw Brody, Brodys Ghost


Now that you know about Brody from Brody's Ghost it's time to draw him out. Start by making a head, and then draw out the guidelines for the face, and body like so.


This is going to be a lengthly lesson so try and bear with me. Here you will begin sketching out the shape of Brody's face and then begin the hair lining which hangs on his forehead, and frames his face.


Continue to draw out the eyes until they give his face the expression of confidence and seriousness. Next, draw in the eyebrows, nose, and then some of his mouth.


Finish sketching out his shaggy hairstyle which should have a lot of curls and definition for texture.


Begin sketching out his upper body starting with his muscular or toned upper arm, and then sketch out his chest. Notice how Brody has a very strong posture.


finish drawing out Brody's arms and some of his hands. When that is all done you can sketch in detailing on his arms, and shirt or vest and then move to the next step.


Finish off his hand that is hanging down his side, and then draw out the belt and some of his pants.


Okay this is going to be real easy as well. All you have to do is sketch out the rest of the outlining for his pants and boots and then be sure to give those pants some creases, folds, and wrinkles.


Draw the lining along the side of his leg, and then draw out the device that he is holding in his hand like so. Be sure to sketch in detailing and definition as well to give the tool, weapon, or device some good definition.


Lastly all you have to do is draw in the other part of his leg and sketch in the lining that adds texture to the drawing. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You are now all done with this tutorial on how to draw Brody from Brody's Ghost by Mark Crilley. Thanks for joining me guys and be sure to add some color to make Brody happy.

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May 5, 2011

Description: Hey everyone! You're friendly artist here, Dawn from DragoArt, and today we'll be learning “how to draw Brody from Brody's Ghost”. I had fun drawing this character, and I bet you will too. If you haven't heard of Mark Crilley, he's a popular YouTube artist who made it big with his drawing videos and manga series. He recently released two episodes of “Brody's Ghost”, which is fresh comic book series, published by Dark Horse. I checked out a few references of Brody on Google to see how his body and frame is drawn. I went ahead, and drew him for all the huge fans of Mark and Brody. “Drawing Brody” should be easy because of the very simplistic steps. Be sure to checkout my YouTube channel for the video on drawing Brody's Ghost. Anyways, I hope ya'll will enjoy this tut as much as I had creating it. Thanks a lot for viewing folks, and stay tuned for more 'shtuff'!

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