How to Draw a PokeBall

Artist: ZoraLink / May 28, 2011

Step 1.

Okay! To start off this lesson, draw a circle. A simple circle. It doesn't have to be perfect! Mine is only perfect because I just have to make it look neat. It's a small pet-peeve :D

Step 2.

Net draw a curved line through the middle of the PokeBall. Notice how it flows evenly.

Step 3.

Next, Draw a circle in the center of the line. Make sure it's not rushed.

Step 4.

Next draw the lining of the PokeBall. This is the part that opens and closes. Draw a circle around the little circle and draw two parallel lines to the base line that we drew in the previous step.

Step 5.

Next, erase the extra lines so the Pokeball looks like the picture above. TIP: draw the lines lightly so they are easy to erase and doesn't leave any marks behind. Then draw a little circle in the middle of the Pokeball. This is the button that opens   

Step 6.

Now you're finished! Congratulations! You have just drawn a PokeBall!

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