How to Draw Lillipup

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Draw a head shape in the form of a circle and then draw out a body like so. When that is done you can then make one line for the face.


Now before you draw anything else, you will need to sketch out the outline of the fur puff that Lillipup has surrounding her eyes. This is easily done by drawing a series of arched lumps like you see here.


Draw out the oblong shaped eyes, and then add the nose and mouth like so. Be sure to add the eyeballs too.


Now it's time to draw out Lilipup's big thick ears like so. When that is done you can add some detailing to make the edging of the ears like so.


It's now time to draw out the small body which is also a very simple task. Begin by making the two front legs, and then draw out the stomach, hind legs, and small spiky looking tail.


Draw in the marking on the back, and then draw out all four paws making sure that the toe lines are sketched in too. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is what your new Pokemon pup looks like when you are all done. I bet you can't wait to color it in huh? I had fun and hopefully you did too as you tackled this tutorial on how to draw Lillipup.

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May 7, 2011

Description: I think this will be the last Pokemon species I will be uploading today and for a while. I just wanted to get a lot of the requested Pokemons uploaded because I know how many fans there are of the series. Every once in a while I will come a cross a species that is incredibly adorable. That is the case with this character from the series. Today I will teach you "how to draw Lillipup", step by step, which is one of the cutest Pokemon I have seen in a while. It is from the Generation V species being a normal type, falling in the Puppy Pokemon specie category. Lillipup will evolve into Herdier once it reaches level sixteen and then once again into Stoutland at level thirty two. Lillipup looks very much like a dog, especially the types that have faces full of hair. The entire front part of the face is covered with a plate of fur as well as the ankles of the legs above the paws. Like most dogs in real life, Lillipup will stand up to opponents stronger they thee, but it almost always walks away from fights it knows it won't win. There really isn't too much more information on this Pokemon which is why I have to cut this description short. I will return with more fun things to draw in a bit but for now enjoy learning "how to draw Lillipup" first. Thanks guys and be sure to stay tuned in for more drawing fun.

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