How to Draw P-body from Portal 2

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Begin with an egg shape for the body or torso of the robot then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the limb guides.


Simply define the shape of the egg shaped body like so, then draw the plates on both sides of the hip area and another plate shape near the top of the robot's body.


You will now draw the shoulder pads on each arm of the robot's design. At the same time sketch in the robotic arms under each shoulder plate. Take your time because there are little detailing that needs to be done.


Draw the circle in the center of the body, then sketch in the seam lines as well.


Finish drawing P-body's arms and then draw in the robotic hands as well. Again, take your time so you detail the small parts properly.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the skinny mechanical legs and then the feet. Add detailing throughout the leg construction or design, then erase your mistakes as well as the guides.


Here is how P-body looks when you are all done. To finish the complete lesson, grab your tools of choice and begin coloring this robot in.

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July 9, 2013

Description: I have two lessons on some robots from the Portal 2 video game. Here is "how to draw P-body", step by step. This robot is tall and slender and usually hangs out with his buddy ATLAS. The duo is also commonly known as Blue and Orange which is the colors of their light in the center of their robotic bodies. P-body and ATLAS are playable characters in Portal 2 in the cooperative campaign. These bipedal robots where designed and created by GLaDOS and their main objective is to complete the Cooperative Testing Initiative that was unsuccessfully finished by humans. Drawing P-body will be easy enough but if you run into problems don't fret just take your time and try again.

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