How to Draw ATLAS from Portal 2

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Make a circle for the torso, then draw the limb guides and the shape on the right or left arm guide.


You will now draw out the shape of the body, then draw in the plates on the body like you see here. As you can also see they are different shapes.


Up next, draw the shoulders and arms. As you can see this task is a little more complicated then P-body's design. Start with the shoulder plates, then draw in the mechanical arms. The right arm has an egg shaped shell over the forearm so make sure to   


Draw in the connective cables that are used to attach the arms to the body. When that is done draw the hole in the body where the light is, then sketch in the upper legs for this robot. Add the grapple like hands, then sketch in last minute detailing   


All you have to do now is draw the bottom parts of the robot's legs then draw in the feet. Add some definition then you're done. Erase all your mistakes.


Here is the finished results now that you are done. Color in this robot and join him up with P-body.

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July 9, 2013

Description: Here is the second bipedal robot from the Portal 2 video game series and as you can see this one is a lot rounder and shorter then it's friend P-body. Here is "how to draw ATLAS", step by step. I just noticed that I colored ATLAS' light orange instead of blue, so I will have to go back and fix that later today. ATLAS serves as the same purpose, both robots are there to complete a goal that wasn't finished by humans. Drawing ATLAS will be a bit more complex because he has wider parts and more of them. Either way, just take your time and you will be successful. Thanks guys and enjoy the lesson.

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