How to Draw Newborn Alien, Newborn Alien

Artist: Dawn / July 10, 2013

Step 1.

You will first draw out the guides and shapes to form the framework for your alien drawing. Make a head shape, and the large ring like shape that circles the back part of the head and back. Add the facial guidelines as well as the guidelines for the    

Step 2.

Here you will take your time as you begin to sketch out the very prominent brow bones, then sketch in the sharp cheekbones and then the upper jaw shape. Sketch out the lining to form the shape of the head as well.

Step 3.

Next up, carefully sketch out the defining lines around and under the eye. This should look like wrinkles or creases. Color in the shape of the actual eyes, and then do the same for the nose area. You will then continue to add detailing and definiti   

Step 4.

Now it's time to draw the bottom mandible as well as the teeth for both the top and bottom jaws. Sketch in all the definition and detailing to the mandible as well as the detailing inside the mouth.

Step 5.

We will now concentrate on getting the alien's muscular neck sketched out. It has to look strong and very buff. The detailing lines should be thick and very rugged. Draw in the beginning lining for the shoulder, then add some spotting holes.

Step 6.

Continue to work on the torso by sketching out the shoulder, arms and some of the chest which is also the sagging breast. Add the ribcage, and some of the stomach lining as well. Sketch in all the detailing and definition for this alien species.

Step 7.

You are basically going to finish off the definition on the chest and ribcage like so. This should consist of the veiny like lines. Take your time so the sketch comes out looking realistic.

Step 8.

Lastly, all you have to do is draw in the rest of the arm, then draw in the long bony fingers on the creepy looking hand. Add shading and detailing as well. Erase your mistakes people.

Step 9.

And here it is, the lineart for the drawing of Newborn Alien. Color in this beast and be on your way.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 10, 2013
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Description: So I don't know how many of you have actually watched the fourth film from the Alien movie series but I did which was 'Alien Resurrection' (thank you Motoko for the correction). For some reason I though Alien Resurrection was the third film, but is was the fourth. The third is when Ripley was at a men's prison facility and at the end she jumped into a pool of lava right when the alien broke through her chest cavity. Even though the movie got mixed reviews I thought it was pretty good and very interesting. Having said that, here is a lesson that I was working on today that might spark some interest in all you Alien fans. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Newborn Alien", step by step. The Newborn is the product of the alien born to the Alien Queen through a normal human like delivery. Instead of laying eggs the Queen can now simply give birth to a live, full grown half human half alien hybrid. The result of this creature has a masculine human like body with the head like one of the alien monsters and human skull mixed into one. I am really pleased with how the drawing came out, and I hope you guys find this lesson on drawing Newborn Alien as exciting as I did making it. I know my depiction of the Newborn isn't exact, but then it wouldn't be original art now would it. Have fun people.