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How to Draw Chibi Freddy Fazbear

Artist: Saoirse_Spitfire_1987 / January 24, 2016
How to Draw Chibi Freddy Fazbear

Step 1.

Start off with a circle like the one in the picture. It never has to be perfect!

Step 2.

Draw these guidelines.

Step 3.

Just draw a W shape on each side of the circle, for the cheeks.

Step 4.

For his hair, add these lines. It may look a bit like anime hair.

Step 5.

Add half oval shapes for his ears.

Step 6.

Draw a hat and bow tie on him now.

Step 7.

Draw these arm shapes now.

Step 8.

Dras 2 small lines on each paw.

Step 9.

Next, draw the guidelines for his belly, legs, and tail

Step 10.

Start shaping his leg.

Step 11.

Now shape his other leg.

Step 12.

Now, just draw on his belly and add some buttons on it.

Step 13.

Do what you did to his paws to his feet now.

Step 14.

Draw his tail however you please.

Step 15.

This step is not required for you to do.

Step 16.

Erase all extra lines and he should look like this.

Step 17.

You can draw the inside of his ears now, and start on the muzzle.

Step 18.

Just add on his nose, and add three dots on each side of his muzzle.

Step 19.

Start on his eyes like this.

Step 20.

Add his pupils and fill in the area of his eye you just draw.

Step 21.

Draw a line coming from each circle above the eye for the eyebrows. Add a circle around his pupil.

Step 22.

Draw his mouth and teeth.

Step 23.

He should look like this.

Step 24.

Color him in. The colors I used were dark brown, coffee brown, black, saphire blue, and red.

Step 25.

If you want him to be more kawaii (like me), just add two white cirles in each eye.Add blood and a background if you want.

Step 26.

Add shading, lighting, and brighten his eyes for a grand finish. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments below. Also, which FNAF charcter I should do next?

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Artist: Saoirse_Spitfire_1987
Date Added: January 24, 2016
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Tags: how to draw five nights at freddys characters
Description: Easy drawing tutorial for real life and virtual! Draw chibi Freddy Fazbear's from Five Nights at Freddy's!