How to Draw Guitar Hero Logo


This first step is the easiest step you'll ever come across. Draw three straight lines for your guidelines.


Now, we are going to start drawing the foundation for 'hero'. I personally start from the bottom up when drawing logos, so if you're wondering why we're starting at the bottom you now know why.


You are now going to add in the foundation for 'guitar' to your wonderful drawing of the Guitar Hero logo.Also add in two lines to the R in 'hero'.


Finish up drawing 'hero'. Connect the lines together to get the full word.


Do the same as before but to 'guitar'.


Our last drawing step! Make the most of it, because you want your drawing to come out nice. Draw the border around the two words.


Here is what your final product should come out to be. Make sure you erase your guidelines you drew in step one. And also color it (there isn't much to color! :p). Yes this really is the end, sad times. Be sure to comment and rate! Fin.

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January 17, 2012

Description: Hey everyone!!!! It has been a while since I last posted something. But now the while is over! Get ready for a new tut made by the one and only, Owllover! This tutorial is on the logo of a very popular video game, which is my personal favorite, Guitar Hero. Get out your pencils, erasers, and paper and draw!!

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