How to Draw Hatchetman, Insane Clown Posse

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You will be drawing a silhouette of a character from the side. Start with a circle for the head and then draw in the body guidelines.


Next, begin drawing out the hair which looks more like a splatter spot from a glob of paint. The hair strands are in short chunks. Next, draw the side profile of Hatchetman's face, and then move along to step three.


Draw the neck, arms, torso, and then draw in the hatchet that the figure is holding. Take your time so your Hatchetman comes out neat.


Finally for the last drawing step, draw in the legs that are in a running motion. The left legs is extended and the right leg is bent. Make the feet and then start cleaning up the drawing to prepare it for color.


Once you have colored in your Hatchetman, you should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here. Make the circle around the figure if you want, or you can leave him as he looks.

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January 7, 2012

Description: Today I will start by submitting something that a lot of people asked me to do in the past but I never got around to drawing it out and posting it to the site. Today all that is going to change because I will finally show you "how to draw Hatchetman", step by step. If you are a fan of the hip hop band ‘Insane Clown Posse’, you should definitely know who Hatchetman is. He is the icon character that is the logo for their record label, ‘Psychopathic Records’. Hatchetman started off as being just a scribbled character drawn on a napkin that was created by Joseph Utsler. There is a lot more to tell about this famous and or popular band, but since I plan on doing a tutorial on the actual two characters or singers, from Insane Clown Posse. For now I think you will enjoy the fact that you will actually be learning the skill to drawing Hatchetman because after all, isn’t he a popular figure as well? Stick around guys because there is more drawing fun to come. Adios people and don’t hack up anything too much.

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