How to Draw Eren Yeager Tribute Game Style


Now here for the first step, draw a simple circle for the base of the head and a straight line down the middle for the alignment of the chin and eyes. Then, a sort of-round-ish rectangle for the body. Try not to make it too long. Then, some normal cu   


Now, to base shapes for the eyes and sleeves, plus two lines for the start of the bottom waist/legs.


Next, the pupils and light reflection in the eyes. Now, finish the sleeves.


Then, make short leg-like shape. Don't make it too short, otherwise the boots will look tall and tacky. And as an addition to the head, draw eyebrows on the top of the eyes.


Now, Draw the base and folds for the jacket. Make sure to add in the pockets. After that, finish the legs with straight and curvy lines. Then, draw an extra line on the waist for the belt.


Now here's where it gets a little tricky. Draw folds for the survey corps cape of his shoulders. Then make square-like cups for the hands. Imagine the blade handles fitting into the hands to get them to look better.


Now to the hair. It's pretty simple, try to copy the front part of the hair exactly how it is. Then, a round shape up and top it off with the little top parts of the hair sticking out of the top.


This step is quite simple, add little strains of lines in the hair for extra detail. NOTE: if there are too many lines in the hair, the hair will look tacky and messy. After that, add the harnesses across the chest and on each side of the bottom part   


Then, two little squished cylinders for the grappling hook capsule on each side of the waist. For extra detail, you can add in two little circles in it for the dispenser. Next, draw the folds and belt buckles on the bottom part of the waist.


Now, add the waist skirt and other harnesses on the top and middle part of the legs.


Then, add straight lines for the handles and swords. Since the game style is a little bit different from the anime's style, make the blades thicker as they reach out more to the tip of the swords. Same as for the handles.


This next step is simple, just a shape for the boot/full leg. Then, add the 3-D maneuver gear (canisters) to each leg on the outer part of the thigh.


Just like the last step, add the other boot to the opposite leg.


And finally, add the bolt lines in the blades. Then, your drawing should be complete.


Well, I hope this tutorial helped you draw Eren Yeager. Please comment or favorite if you enjoyed! (P.s. I am trying to make tutorials as fast as I can so sorry if there's a little wait for next ones XP)

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July 9, 2015

Description: Hello and welcome to my second drawing tutorial! Today, this will show you how to draw "Eren Yeager" from Attack on Titan. As you can see, if you've played the tribute game of AoT by Feng Lee then you probably know what this is. And in that style, here's a tutorial on drawing Eren in the game style.

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