How to Draw Murdoc From Gorillaz

How to Draw Murdoc From Gorillaz
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Draw the head shape or guide like so. You will then sketch out the facial guidelines too.


Begin drawing the defined shape of the face, then draw in the bowl shaped hairdo. At this point it looks like a muffin top.


Draw the eye shapes and then the nose like you see here.


Add the bags under the eyes and then draw the pupils.


Add the great big smile and then don't forget to add the dimples on each side of the smile.


Almost done guys. Draw in the crooked, broken teeth then add some stubble on his chin along with a chin dent.


All you have to do here is draw in the ears and detail inside the ears.


Lastly, draw the long hair on the sides of the head and then on the back of the head. That completes this lesson on Murdoc. Erase your mistakes and guidelines.


Color in this Gorillaz character and you are almost done with all of the members. Great work folks.

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January 31, 2015

Here is a member from Gorillaz that I have never drawn before. Up next, we will learn how to draw Murdoc, step by step. Murdoc has a distinct look because of the pukey color of his skin, the green colored chipped teeth, and odd colored eyes. I have to say, Murdoc was probably one of my favorite characters to draw. I don't know how you folks will like this tut, but for me it was pretty cool. I still have one more member from Gorillaz to draw so stay tuned in to get the skinny on him.

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