How to Draw Noodle


So first you need to draw a circle for the face then a line to show where the chin will be. then you draw a line for the neck, arms, hand, guitar, and boots.


Now draw her jaw. Then draw her hair that covers her eyes. Next draw her ear and then her pony tail. Draw her nose and mouth. After that you need to draw her neck.


Now you need to draw the bandana around her neck. Then draw the guitar strap thats over her shoulder. When your done with that then draw her sleeve. Then you need to finish her torso then start the shorts.


Now you need to draw her arm and then the hand. It will be holding on to the neck of the guitar. Then start on the boots and legs.


Now this is the hardest part. And im gonna say sorry for the fact that they dont look very good but when you shade them in they look better. But yeah now you need to draw the boots and dont forget the buckles.


Now you need to draw the pegs on the guitar. Then you need to put the lines and designs on the guitar.


Now you need to draw the hat. I would start with the brim then work my way back. But like i said thats what I would do. You can do it anyway you want.


So now we are done drawing Noodle! Hopefully yours looks like mine or better yet better then mine. ;) I hoped you like this tut! Please feel free to tell me what you like and don't like.

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July 21, 2010

Description: Hello everyone!!!! This is my first tut and I'm hoping this wont be my last. I know Dawn has already done a tut on her before but I got a request on her and to draw her in this certain pose. So as you know Noodle is the guitarist for the band Gorillaz who just had a new album come out earlier this year. Well that's all I'm gonna say because Dawn pretty much covered it all on her tut so by!!! And I hope you like it!

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