How to Draw Teemo from League of Legends


Begin by drawing a circle for Teemo's head, then draw the torso shape, then sketch in the facial guidelines. Add the limb line and hand shape.


Draw the miners like hat that Teemo wears. Draw the goggles and band that rests between the two lenses.


Okay so the helmet is drawn which means we can tackle getting the fluffy cheeks and shape of the face drawn out. Once that is complete, you can move to step four.


Add detailing to the lenses, then draw in the circles for the eye mask, then draw in the closed eyes as well as the nose and mouth.


Next, draw the ear, then sketch in the tuft of hair that is spurting through the back part of the helmet.


Okay, sketch in the fluffy collar, then draw the torso, arms and waist. You will also need to draw in his blanket or whatever that tubular object is attached to his coat. Sketch in the detailing to his pants and clothing then you are done here.


For the last drawing step simply sketch in the feet in the form of boots, then draw in the other arm and hand which is holding some sort of wooden staff. Draw the rolled up scrolls in his back satchel, then sketch in the remaining detailing to his bo   


Here you have it, Teemo all drawn out and ready to color in. I do hope you enjoyed another lesson on a League of Legends character.

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June 7, 2013

Description: I will keep the memento going by uploading more characters from League of Legends. Having said that, here is "how to draw Teemo", step by step. This is one of the easier champions to draw which means you will be pleased to see him as a lesson. Teemo lives in Bandle City along with his yordie brothers and sisters. Even though his face seems cheery, Teemo is a serious creature that often likes to go on solo missions to keep up with his skills as one of the protectors of his city. Teemo has a problem dealing with destroying his foes or anyone who threatens the city of Bandle. Anyways, enjoy drawing Teemo and I will be back with other fun for you all.

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