How to Draw Rengar from League of Legends


The first step is all about getting the shapes and guides to form the framework for the body. When you draw the circles they will all have to be connected with the limb lines like you see here.


Here is the first step to sketching out the shape or form of Rengar's head. Start with the forehead, then draw the snout. Once that is done draw in the large wide open mouth followed by the bump from the eye wear that he has attached to the face. Ske   


Take your time with this step because you will have to sketch in the teeth that fills the roaring mouth, and the facial features like the eyes, nose and wrinkling. Add detailing to the mane and beard, then draw tied piece of beard.


Okay, let's get started with the armor. Draw the shoulder padding and then draw the long dread like mane chunks that flow down the back. Add more of the mane hair that rests on the shoulder armor, then that's it for this step.


Begin with sketching out the massive arms, then draw the wrist bracelets on each arm. You will also need to carefully sketch out the hands and claws, then draw the veins on top of each hand. The right or left hand have blades or knives attached to hi   


In this step all you will do is sketch in all of the detailing and definition that fills the body and armor. Once that task is done you can draw in the bandages wrapped around each forearm, then sketch in some of the other definitions.


For the last drawing step simply sketch out the right or left leg followed by the large foot and foot claws. Draw the leather skirt that some warriors wear, then sketch in the detailing that defines the clothing and limbs. Erase all the mistakes that   


Here is the line art folks. Now you can color in your work. I do hope you found this lesson fun, but challenging.

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June 7, 2013

Description: So here is a cool character that is from the League of Legends game that folks have been requesting like crazy. Here is "how to draw Rengar", step by step. Rengar is a lion like beast that is covered with armor and a thick mane. Rengar is considered to be one of the finest hunters of his day. With every kill he mounts all the heads, horns, claws, and fangs of the most dangerous monsters or creatures collected from his hunts in Valoran. Like a lot of the characters from League of Legends, Rengar didn't know who his birth parents where. He was brought up and raised by a human who also happened to be a renowned hunter. Obviously you are a product of your upbringing which is why Rengar also became an impressive hunter. Drawing Rengar however is going to be a bit complex for those of you that have a problem with draw drawing details and animals. Despite the complexity, I still believe that you will be successful. Have fun and keep your browser open to

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