How to Draw Miku Hatsune Pony


Like always we will begin with a circle for the head, then a bean shape for the body. You will also sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the front legs.


In this step you will use the guides you just made to draw in the snout and jaw which is open because Miku pony is in a happy state.


Next up, sketch out the top portion of the head which is also the mane. Since the real Miku has thick bangs, we will be adding the same style to this pony version of her.


You will now draw the ears, then draw in the large round eye followed by coloring in the pupil. When that is done you can draw the nose and detailing inside the mouth.


We will now begin incorporating the clothing style of the original Miku Hatsune by drawing a tie and collar shape around the neck. Take your time so this pony comes out looking good.


Up next, draw the chest and front legs like so, then along with the legs you will draw the leggings or leg warmer looking cuffs on both front legs. Add detailing to the leggings, then move along to step seven.


Are you ready to draw in Miku pony's big bushy ponytails? I hope so because that is what you will be doing next. Start at the sides of her head and draw the large, long and curly pigtails. There should be layers in her hair to show off some of the ch   


Finish off Miku pony by drawing the back part of her neck followed by the butt end and long flowing tail. Erase the mistakes and or guides that you made from the beginning.


When all is said and done, this is how your drawing should look. Now you can have even more fun as you color in this Miku Hatsune pony version.

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October 21, 2013

Description: Here is something special for all you Miku Hatsune and MLP fans out there. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Miku Hatsune Pony", step by step. I simply love the way that this drawing came out and I'm pretty sure you guys will love it too. I can't believe how far both concepts have come (Miku and MLP brands). It seems as though they where just born yesterday but both brands have been around for years. Combining the awesomeness of the two just makes a perfect creation that will be fun to replicate. So go ahead and enjoy drawing Miku pony and I will be back with those other cool tuts for you all. Adios amigos.

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