How to Draw Frankie Stein Pony


Begin by making a circle for the head and then draw out the peanut shaped body. Add the leg and face guide as well.


Next, begin drawing in the structure of her face starting with the nose and face shape. Draw in the eyelid lines which end with long lashes.


Finish drawing in the eyes and then add some stitch lines across the face. Draw a nose and smile, then add a Mohawk looking mane.


Draw the bolts, the draw in the stitch lines on the neck. When that is done draw in some of the neck or chest, then draw the first leg and hoof. Add the seam and stitch lines on the lower part of the limb, then proceed to step five.


Here is where you will draw out the rest of the body. Draw the back line, then back end, back leg and front leg. The fourth leg will be drawn in later.


Finish sketching out the long straight mane, then draw in Frankie Stein pony's long pretty tail too.


Finally or lastly, draw the other or fourth leg, then sketch in the stitch lines on the remaining legs. Erase the mistakes and guides to clean things up.


That's it you are all done drawing Frankie Stein pony. Now you can color her in using the shades she is normally.

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October 4, 2013

Description: I promise that there is no more lessons on MLP style Monster High characters. I just wanted to see how people would react with making two lesson on how to draw Monster High ponies. I already submitted a tutorial on Draculaura pony, so here is "how to draw Frankie Stein pony", step by step. I love the way she came out. My little sister asked by she was so thick, I told her that I wanted the pony to look like a horse even though the design was based on a Monster High character. She ended up understanding and then later proceeded to say that she liked how Frankie Stein ended up. The lesson should be easier than Draculaura because Frankie Stein is on all fours, well kind of. One of her front legs is raised. Anyways, have fun and be sure to let me know what you think of the idea for doing MH ponies.

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