How to Draw an MLP Stallion

Artist: DerpyDerp / November 6, 2013

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines

Step 2.

Start drawing head

Step 3.

Now the ear

Step 4.

Now you can draw the neck

Step 5.

Start sketching the "plot"

Step 6.

Start sketching the "plot"

Step 7.

Now the front legs

Step 8.

Now start drawing the underbelly and the start of the back leg

Step 9.

Draw the very back leg. Now the facial features

Step 10.

Erase the guide lines and your done! It's only lacking embellishments, so now decorate to your hearts content!

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Artist: DerpyDerp
Date Added: November 6, 2013
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Description: How to draw a stallion from mlp