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How to draw Mew

Artist: Drawlife / September 23, 2013
How to draw Mew

Step 1.

Begin with drawing a oval shaped form, that will be Mews head.

Step 2.

Draw Mews almost catlike ears and nose

Step 3.

draw a potato shaped figure. and let the last line go in the nose

Step 4.

make Mews long rabbit legs up in the air, and its small arms up in his noes and make it look like the lol face.

Step 5.

Make Mews long tail look like an S

Step 6.

and stronger the lines with an pen maker... color it if u want and then your done. Im really sorry for the bad english and for the bad explanation. Just ask me if u Wonder about something.

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Artist: Drawlife
Date Added: September 23, 2013
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Description: Hi everyone I will now show you how to draw Mew. I'm not good at explaining ... so I hope you understand