How to Draw Meowstic

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The first thing you will draw is the wispy collar. It sort of looks like a knob.


Starting at the base of the collar begin drawing out the shape of the face or head. This should include the ears and tuft of hair on the center of the head. Be sure that the base of the ears curl in.


Draw the eyes which are straight lines at the top and rounded at the bottom. Draw in the eyeballs, nose and mouth and some of the inner ear detailing.


Now you can start drawing Meowstic's body starting with the small arms and bushy body at the hips.


Finish drawing out Meowstic's body by adding the cone shaped legs and feet. Add the markings on each leg like you see here as well.


For the last step draw out the two tails which are attached to the back part of the body. Add the markings at the end of the tails, then erase mistakes.


This is the finished drawing when you are done. Now you can add some color. You can actually tweak this drawing to look like the male version of Meowstic too by editing the tail and eyes.

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October 14, 2013

Description: Here is a pretty cool new Pokemon that is one of the few that come in a boy/girl look that is totally recognizable. Today I will attempt to show you "how to draw Meowstic", step by step. Like with other new species from the Pokedex, there isn't a whole lot of information I can tell you. I can say that Meowstic evolves from Espurr and is a Psychic-type Pokemon. The one you see in this lesson or what you will be given a tutorial on is the female version. The male version of Meowstic is all blue with white markings on the ears, hands and feet as well as on the tail. The female is all white with a blue tuft of hair, a blue collar, and blue tipped legs and arms. Drawing Meowstic should be simple, but you still may run into some bumps in the road. Enjoy and be sure to shout out some of your favorite new Pokemon you would like to see on

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