How to Draw Cynthia From Pokemon


Draw a circle for the head, then draw a torso shape. Sketch in the facial guidelines and then make a neck and arm guide.


You will now draw in the shape or structure for Cynthia's face, then draw the long pointed bangs. Draw the neck shape and draw some hair that falls on the right side of her head.


Draw the shape of her one eye that is visible. Then color in the pupil. Add a thick lid line and some lashes too. Add a nose and mouth.


Sketch out the shape of her head, then draw the longs thick chunky strands of hair that fall down the face in a cupping manner. You can move to step five when you are done.


Now you can sketch in the fluffy neck collar, and then when you do that make sure the lining is ridged like a porcupine.


Draw four flaps that are on the sides of the head, and make stripes on those flaps.


You will draw the shape of her body and then draw in her arm that is tucked behind her back. Sketch in the wrinkled on her waist. As you can see the outline of her body is shaped like an hourglass or martini glass.


Finish drawing out her hair in long curled up strands. Add detailing to her hair and then when you are all done you can move to step nine. Take note that her hair goes past her body shape that is seen in the drawing and it almost cups her body.


Draw in her other arm, and then sketch in the faint image of her hands. When that is all done you can add the same style of fluff on her wrists or cuffs as you see or drawn on her neck.


I must say, Cynthia is a very stylish Pokemon character. Draw the opening of her jacket, then add the cleavage for her breasts, then draw in the rest of definition for her clothing. Erase all those mistakes and you are all done with drawing Cynthia.


Here she is all drawn out and ready to color in. Now you can have fun with adding some life to this Pokemon figure, and when you are done show off your work to other Pokemon fans that are your friends.

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November 27, 2013

Description: There is so many different characters from Pokemon that I have never seen before and this is one of them. I am uploading this character because someone asked if I could make a tutorial on "how to draw Cynthia from Pokemon", step by step. Now because I am not familiar with Cynthia, I'm not sure if she is from a game or from the animated series or both. I do know that she is part of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but as far as anything else goes, who knows. Drawing Cynthia from Pokemon is going to be pretty fun because she is an awesome looking character. Her long blonde hair and fluff around her neck makes her character design flashy and fun to replicate. I will be back with more so stick around to see what they are. Adios amigos.

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