How to Draw Delphox


Make the framework for your Pokemon. You will then draw a circle for the head and then draw an oval shape for the torso.


Sketch out the shape of Delphox's head, and make sure to draw in the foxy ears.


Here you will sketch out the fur that is coming out of the ears. As you can see it is long fur that is also very thick.


Simply draw in the face which is a simple eye, nose and mouth.


Now you can start with sketching out the upper body, then sketch in the arm and hand. As you can see you will keep with the long fur coat when you draw Delphox's body.


For step six all you have to do is sketch out the left arm and small paw or hand. Then draw some more of the torso. The end of the torso sort of swoops up.


Sketch out the lower half of the body and when you do this make sure that it comes out looking like a very bushy mustache.


Delphox holds some sort of torch. You will draw out the simple looking torch in this step with a live flame burning.


And finally to finish it all off, draw in the feet, the big bushy tail, then add the patches on each thigh. Erase those mistakes when you are all done.


The line art some out looking like the drawing you see here. When all is said and done Delphox is ready to be colored in to bring that fiery flare to life. Great job folks.

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November 30, 2013

Description: I have one more Pokemon species left after this one and as you can see it's a very pretty looking species that almost looks human like. Here is "how to draw Delphox", step by step. This is a fire type Pokemon and from the looks of it Delphox looks like a fox. Drawing this character shouldn't be too bad, but I'm sure you will find some bumps in the road if you are a Pokemon fan and a novice artist. I had fun with recreating Delphox in tutorial form so hopefully you enjoy drawing Delphox. Adios folks and enjoy.

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