How to Draw Megara

Artist: Dawn / July 7, 2020

Step 1.

Meg is pretty simple to draw so let's get started. First make the circle for the head guide and then draw in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will then draw out the shape or structure of Meg's face.

Step 3.

Next, use the facial guidelines to draw out her eyes and then the eyebrows. Don't forget to draw in the nose and mouth as well.

Step 4.

Here you will begin to draw her hair. Start with the curly bangs and then the curly sideburns.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw out the rest of Megara's big beautiful hairstyle. She has long, full hair with curls. Erase any mistakes and don't forget to draw the band that holds all that hair up.

Step 6.

That's it, you are all done drawing Meg from Hercules.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 7, 2020
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Description: I told you I would be back with a lesson on Hercules' girlfriend or love interest from the film. I already have a lesson that shows you how to draw Meg, but I don't have one that shows you how to draw Megara easy, step by step so here she is. I loved Meg's character in the movie. She was a bad girl who needed to make things right and even though she acted cold hearted, she actually really did care about Hercules which is why she risked it all to help save him. I love the way this lesson came out and if you are a fan of Disney's Hercules, you will love drawing Megara as well.