How to Draw Hercules

Artist: Dawn / October 8, 2008

Step 1.

This should be a relatively easy tutorial to learn from. You will start this first step by drawing the narrow oval shape for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the shape of his neck and then his right shoulder shape.    

Step 2.

Now in this next step you will start sketching out the shape of the left side of his neck and chest as well as the lining for his wavy hair. On the right of the face begin sketching his face in as shown. You will then shape out his right forearm and    

Step 3.

As you can see Hercules is coming along nicely. You will now start sketching out his head and hair in more detail as well as his eyes and open smile. Make a curved line for the collar line of his shirt or armor. And then Draw the rest of his arm shap   

Step 4.

Now that you have completed the first three steps that mean you are half way done. You will finish the shaping of his hair and then draw and detail the ear. Add a nose and then detail his smile. You will add the wrist bracelet that he is wearing on h   

Step 5.

Welcome to your last drawing step. You will now finish off Hercules by defining his chin and then his eyes. Detail his vest like chest plate with a few curly swirls. And then add a bracelet line for his left wrist. Detail his belt and then his boots.   

Step 6.

Here you have it. You just learned how to draw Hercules step by step. All you have to do is color him in. I will be back with another drawing tutorial in a bit so keep your eyes open.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: This is going to be another animated Disney character from a very funny movie. So in this tutorial you will learn how to draw Hercules. I don’t know how many of you watched this particular movie, but all I know is that it was funny. Disney released their version of Hercules back in 1997. Now the movie centers around a young man named Hercules who as you know is the legendary Greek mythology hero from ancient times. Anyways Hercules is the son of Zeus who is a Greek God. The reason why this film is so entertaining is because it is some what of an animated musical as well. I know Disney movies usually have music in them, but a lot of the animated movies have very little. It wasn’t until I saw Hercules that I was like “finally”. It starts off as young Herc being found by a couple that had been longing for a son for some time. They notice that the baby had the symbol of the gods around his neck. He was stolen from Zeus and Hera by Hades. His plan was to steal the infant son and feed him a bottle of potion that would strip him from all his godly powers. Well his plan didn’t wind up working that way and Hercules was left in the human world. His adoptive parents knew that young Hercules was different from all the other children and he became some what of a cluts as a young teenaged boy. Hercules knew that there was more to him then what he was, so after seeing the distress that he was in, his parents decide to tell him the truth about where he came from and who he was. After a while he decided to go off on his own and find his true identity. He went to the temple of Zeus and it was there that the great statue came to life. Zeus told him that he was a god but he couldn’t return unless he proved that he was worthy. So to help him on his journey he gave his son Pegasus. Together they find Phil who is a faun, and his job is to take on Hercules and train him to be the hero that he is inside so that he can return to the heavens. The movie was good and I liked all the characters in it. One of my favorite characters was Hades because he is so crude and funny at the same time. With this online drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw Hercules step by step with detailed instructions. I hope you enjoy it; I worked really hard drawing him out so please have fun. I will be back with my last tutorial for the night.