How to Draw Yzma

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Yzma is very easy to draw so let's get started. Make a large shape for the face/head and then the facial guidelines.


Draw an inside line for the headdress that frames off her face.


On the outside of the inner line you will draw Yzma's very sharp angled face and then define those cheekbones and chin.


We will now draw out the thin lined eyebrows which are raised high, and also draw out the shape of her nose, mouth/lips and her teeth. color in the lips and draw that small curl coming out of the headwrap.


Lastly, draw in Yzma's sultry eyes along with her ridiculously long lashes and then the cheek bumps. Add the small sphere on her headdress and then erase the mistakes if any where made. She sort of looks like Eartha Kitt doesn't she?


That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in Yzma to bring her character to life.

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July 7, 2020

Description: I am so shocked to see that there are no good, simple lesson on how to draw Yzma, step by step and I am even more shocked to find out that I NEVER did a lesson on Yzma. I am such a fan of this character and it's not only because she is voiced by the humorous Eartha Kitt, it's because she is off the wall crazy, yet so determined in getting what she wants. Yzma was one of those characters that you can just sit and watch because of her style, look and personality. I do hope you like this tutorial on drawing Yzma from Emperor's New Groove as much as I did making it. I shall return so stay tuned in.

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