How to Draw Hades


Make an oval shape for Hades' head shape and then the facial guidelines.


You will now use the guide to draw out Hades' long, narrow shaped face and make the arches for the brows.


Next, draw in the lines to form the brows of the eyes and the crease that shapes out the brows.


Make two perfect circles for the eyeballs and then color in some pupils.


Draw the marks around the eyes and then draw in the nose and frown lines around the nose which also makes the pointed cheeks.


Go ahead and draw the shape of Hades' head with the flaming tips for his hair and then draw in the ears and the pointed teeth.


Finish Hades off by drawing out the rest of the mouth and cheeks. Add detailing to the chin area too. Erase whatever mistakes you might have made.


You are all done and now it's time to color Hades from Hercules in. I hope you had fun. Great Job!

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July 7, 2020

Description: Here is another character I was surprised to find that I NEVER made a lesson on. I mean, I do have a tutorial on drawing Hades, but not how to draw Hades from Hercules, step by step. Hades from Disney's Hercules is one of my favorite DIsney villains. I don't know if it's because James Woods was the voice actor, but he was an awesome character. I am a really big fan of James Woods and I think its because he is rough around the edges. This was a really fun lesson to create because just looking at Hades I start laughing. Yes, he was a mean, thoughtless character, but he also had a lot of personality. Have fun with drawing Hades from Hercules, I will be back around again with more fun drawing tutorials here on

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