How to Draw Hanyuu Furude, Higurashi

Artist: doremefasoladedo / January 17, 2013

Step 1.

Draw what will be hanyuu's head. draw the lines lightly, because a lot of these lines will be erased.

Step 2.

Draw Hanyuu's eyes, and eyebrows they may look low, but don't worry, it will turn out ok.

Step 3.

Draw Hanyuu's nose, mouth, and neck.

Step 4.

fill in detail in the eyes, and draw some eyelids.

Step 5.

draw her bangs, draw the hair in the center as shown, and all the other bangs should curve toward the center of her face.

Step 6.

Draw hanyuu's horns (or whatever they are XD) remember that she has a slice in one of her horns. (most artist forget that)

Step 7.

draw some more hair under her bangs, and draw the top part of her hair.

Step 8.

draw her miko outfit as shown.

Step 9.

Draw the back part of her hair.

Step 10.

erase the part of the starting lines for the head that are covered by hair, this is what it should look like when you are done.

Step 11.

Darken the lines.

Step 12.

Color if you want, and your done~

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Artist: doremefasoladedo
Date Added: January 17, 2013
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Description: Hanyuu Furude from higurashi no naku koro ni~