How to Draw an Anime Dragon

Artist: KenshinEien / January 12, 2013

Step 1.

What do you get when you take anime eyes and put them on a dragon? Why, you get an anime dragon of course! Don't believe me? Then see for yourselves!

Step 2.

Just follow these simple steps to make your very own Anime Dragon, but don't draw in the eyes yet. I'll explain it in a little more detail when your done!

Step 3.

All done? Great! Now take a look at these eye sets! Some look much like what you'd see in your average Anime/Manga, while others not so much, but why is that? What could possibly be wrong with them? Let's take a look!

Step 4.

Now draw and re-draw each type of eye over top of your dragon! Each time take a good look at the results. Hmmm... Those aren't bad looking eyes right, BUT do they really make this dragon look like an Anime dragon? The answer is NO! Sure, example    

Step 5.

Now look at these sets of eyes and you'll begin to see what I mean. You see! The thing that makes an anime dragon look like an ANIME DRAGON (or any Anime character look like Anime for that matter) is the eyes mostly!

Step 6.

There are a few other factors that determine Anime worthiness as well, such as the attention to detail (or the lack there of), depending on how you look at it! I know what you're thinking... "He forgot about their facial structure!" Right? Not at all   

Step 7.

Simplicity and Cell Shading are key ingredients to consider using when trying to re-create that Anime look, but using less lines to make images look detailed can be difficult! Mastering this technique will save you lots of time, especially when you d   

Step 8.

Let's try another comparison!

Step 9.

Try to create your characters with as little defining lines as what is needed! The shading will compensate for any line art details you leave out, just keep it Simple and Clean! Right now you can see a big difference between the dragon above and    

Step 10.

They look almost identical don't they! See how the shading on the dragon below compensates for its lack of detail when compared to the dragon above! It's THAT easy! Don't worry about getting the shading perfect, just try to bring out the dimensio   

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