How To Draw Maynard James Keenan, Tool, Maynard James Keenan

Artist: MichaelY / April 26, 2013

Step 1.

To draw Maynard, we should first sketch in some basic guide line. Using a 2H or harder pencil, lightly sketch in a stick figure shape such as this one. These lines do not have to be perfect, since they will be erased later on.

Step 2.

Let's expand upon the guide lines by drawing the basic construction shapes of the figure. Draw the dividing lines of the head as well as the shape of the nose. Draw the basic shape of the torso and large circles for the shoulders. Draw cylinders for    

Step 3.

Now let's start working on the head. His head should be turned to the side so that we see a profile shot of his face. Start by drawing his eye, then his nose, then his mouth. Since he's singing, his mouth should be open slightly. Draw his chin and th   

Step 4.

Begin working your way down the body by drawing the neck. His neck should look slightly thick as he is belting out some lyrics. Draw the Adams apple and the thick muscle running from the ear to the center of the chest known as the Sternocleidomastoid   

Step 5.

Next, draw the torso of the figure. Maynard is fit, but not overly muscular and he often performs shirtless. Draw faint contours of the chest and stomach muscles. Remember to draw the nipples and navel. The nipples should be roughly one head width ap   

Step 6.

Draw a small portion of his pants. Draw the waistband and a few horizontal folds beneath it.

Step 7.

Go back up the body and draw the right arm. It should be bent up to the mouth. His fingers should be closed in a fist, as he will be grasping a microphone. Remember to add fingernails and knuckle wrinkles.

Step 8.

Now draw the microphone. Is should have a spherical head with a thin body that gets thinner towards it's end. Draw a few crosshatch marks on the head of the mic.

Step 9.

Draw the left arm extended away from the body, but bent upwards slightly. Again, have his hand clenched in a fist, this time pointing upwards.

Step 10.

Draw the microphone wire protruding from the base of the microphone. It should hang low, about half way down the torso, and arch up into the left hand. Draw a portion of the cord dangling from the left hand.

Step 11.

Now that we are done penciling the image, we can ink it using a Micron marker or a brush and India ink. Carefully go over each line with patience and be sure not to accidentally ink any unneeded guide lines. When the ink is dry, erase your pencil mar   

Step 12.

You can add more depth to the image by giving it shadow. Establish your light source and use black ink or a fat tipped black marker to shade the opposite side of the figure. Be sure to add the shadow of the microphone wire, but make sure that it mold   

Step 13.

If you need to make any corrections, use white ink or opaque white paint. You can also use it to add highlights if needed. And that's how you draw Maynard James Keenan of Tool! Remember to think for yourself and question authority…

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Artist: MichaelY
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Description: A step by step demonstration on how to draw Maynard James Keenan, front-man of Tool, in a comic book style.