How to Draw Male Eyes

Artist: Dawn / October 15, 2010

Step 1.

There are many types of male eyes that you can draw to customize a certain expression or characteristic for your creation. This is the basic and most commonly used expression of 'seduction'. You see this eye style on many villainous characters in rec   

Step 2.

Here is a more masculine look that fits for normal masculine characters. 1. The lid is less prominent and defined. 2. There is less darkened line weight for the upper and lower lids. Notice there aren't any lashes.

Step 3.

A most common eye used for outgoing and exciting characters. Most commonly used for protagonist characters. Notice the roundness of shape the eye appears.

Step 4.

Start by drawing out the beginning shapes for the male eyes. As you can see they are very sharp looking. This gives a good sense of seriousness.

Step 5.

Now you will draw in the eyeballs, and then color in some pupils. Next, sketch in the top lids for the male eyes like you see here. This will add depth, and definition.

Step 6.

For your last step all you have to do is add some light lashes that are short in length, and then draw out and color in some eyebrows like so. Notice how the eyebrows scatter outward near the bridge of the nose. Complete these eyes by making the tear   

Step 7.

Here is what the awesome eyes look like when you are all finished. Now you can add some color, and even put them on one of your favorite characters you already have drawn, or start a new sketch entirely. Great work gang!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 15, 2010
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Description: Okay guys, itโ€™s time to continue the momentum by submitting this next tutorial which will show you "how to draw male eyes", step by step. Like with female eyes, the male eye design and concept can be difficult to draw at times. That is why its very important to make sure you are one hundred percent ready to draw male eyes, and you should have a good idea on the type of character you are going to draw the eyes on. This lesson is going to be around the same style as the female eyes. That means you will have tips, tricks, and examples that will help make it easier for you to understand the concept of the human eye, and I also point out some very important facts about eyes. I think you will find that this tutorial will help you draw male eyes in a whole new way. Once you have completed this lesson, you will have the knowledge and capability to draw a nice looking face for your newly drawn characters whether they be male, female, or even a child. Like I said before, one of the hardest parts to drawing a face is making the eyes. Hopefully your troubles will come to an end once you have conquered this tutorial. I will be back soon folks so try and stay tuned in to see what else I have in store for yaโ€™ll. Adios peeps!