How to Make Asian Eyes

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This is more of a helpful tip that will enable you to understand the way that these types of eyes should be drawn. All you have to do here is enlarge the step, and read along. Once you are done you can proceed onto step two which is where you will be   


To start, begin drawing the top lid lines of each style asian eye you see here. As with all my eye drawings, the lids are a bot bolder then normal. These are both male, and female Asian eyes that you can make with ease.


Now you will begin drawing the shapes of the eyes in more detail. Once you have finished with this step, you will have nicely drawn eyes that is fit for a male and female character of your choice.


For your last drawing step, all you have to do is draw, and color in the eyebrows, and then draw the eyeballs themselves leaving behind a solid white piece for the eyes glare. Erase the lines and shapes if there is any, and then move to see how your    


When you are done, your newly drawn eyes should look like the ones you see here. Now you just learned how to make Asian eyes with ease, and the best part is, they where easy to draw.

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July 6, 2010

Description: Now that I finally got that lesson on chibi Miley Cyrus out of the way, I can move onto a really cool lesson that I drew yesterday. But before I tell you what it is you will learn how to draw next, I just want to say that it was awesome being back with all my fellow artist and friends as I drew live for you all yesterday. Today is going to be another fun day when I go live because I will be with all of you. Anyway, this lesson is going to be on "how to make Asian eyes", step by step. I was originally going to do a tutorial on an Asian girl, but then I thought, why not just do a lesson on one of the most popular things about the Asian face, the eyes. So that is why I will teach you how simple it is to draw Asian eyes. So that is one of the reasons why I chose to do this lesson, the other reason is because it was a requested tutorial, and you know me, I always have to fill a request. Today is the day that I go all out and submit some really nice drawings on some of your favorite concepts. I really like the way these eyes came out, and the way I made the eyes into a tutorial, is super cool as well. This will not be a complex drawing to learn from as you can tell by the image. I made sure that I drew the tutorial to be as easy as possible which means tackling it is going to be a breeze. Japanese, and Chinese people have some of the prettiest eyes, and sometimes they can be so intimidating, innocent, and captivating. One of the other things that females like doing, is making their eyes look enchanting by using make-up. Manipulating the human eye to look a certain way using make-up techniques, is a growing trend. Youtube is loaded with how to videos from girls like you and me, teaching the viewer "how to make Asian eyes". I think you will have fun with this lesson because you can now draw this eye style on your favorite character drawings. I will be back very soon with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what’s next. In the mean time have fun with this tutorial, and with others. Peace out my fellow peeps, and be sure to join me live tonight at the same time as yesterday. Adios amigos.

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