Drawing Anime Eyes

Artist: Dawn / December 19, 2010

Step 1.

A member said that they would appreciate if I would include a snapshot of what I use to draw with. For this lesson I used four tools, a high polyester eraser, and three different pencils used for drawing and shading as well as creating darkened lines   

Step 2.

This sketched diagram or tip shows you how the angle of a common anime eye should look from top to bottom. As you can see the eye slants a bit inward for added expression.

Step 3.

For this type of anime eye, the character is most likely feeling strain, confusion, sadness, or pain. The ends of the eyes squeeze in a pinched fashion to give off this type of expression.

Step 4.

When drawing or coloring in the eyes, you will almost always have to leave a spot or two uncolored. This is to add the shine or glare factor for the anime eye as I point out to you here in this example.

Step 5.

For a less intense glare effect, shade in the area to be whitened out but keep some of the color inside of the eye. This will end up looking like a faded part of the eye glare or shine.

Step 6.

Let's begin drawing anime eyes shall we? Since there is more than six eyes, you will need to make ten different top lid lines. Each one is different in shape, size, and thickness.

Step 7.

You will now sketch out or draw the shape of each anime eye like you see here. Some of the eyes have eyebrows and lids exposed as you see here depending on the expression that are giving off.

Step 8.

Lastly, draw in the pupils, glare shape, and color or shade in the eyes the way you see them here. You can choose to draw one or two eyes, or the whole set it all depends on the type of anime or manga eye you are looking for.

Step 9.

And this is the finished hand sketched sheet of sketching paper that I drew my anime eyes on. Did you enjoy this lesson or what? I hope so because I know I had a blast teaching you all the secrets to drawing anime eyes.

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hiswifeforever · 1 year ago
Lovely tutorial on drawing the eyes I was able to follow along very easily!


Artist: Dawn
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Description: Let me very quickly submit another lesson that will prove to be helpful for all those that want to learn the art to "drawing anime eyes", step by step. I literally had so much fun sketching out this lesson because I found it to be inspiring, beautiful and full of life. There is certainly many ways you can choose to draw anime eyes, but for me there is only one way, mine! I have been sketching and drawing anime and manga figures for so long now that making new and improved eye tutorials is something of a habit for me. If you notice I am always finding new ways to show other artists an easier or more beneficial way to drawing anime style eyes. The great thing about making manga or anime eyes is the fact you can play around with the concept. Included in this tutorial is some helpful tips on some of the more important things to take into consideration when creating anime eyes for various characters. One of the most important factors to creating anime characters, is making sure you get the eyes down packed. This is because anime eyes is one of the only things that adds expression to a characters face. It is the eyes that lets a reader or anime series fan know what the character is thinking, or feeling. That is why it's important to teach yourself the right way when it comes to "drawing anime eyes". I think you will find this lesson extremely helpful, and if there is something else you would like to see as a sketched tutorial, just let me know. Thanks everyone and be sure to come back real soon.