How to Draw an Easy Eye

Artist: Dawn / September 23, 2010

Step 1.

You will start by drawing out the almond shape you see here and then add the two guidelines, one in the middle, and one for the eyebrow.

Step 2.

Now what you will do is begin drawing out the actual shape of the eye, and make sure you draw the bump for the tear ducts.

Step 3.

Color in the eyebrow as you shape it to your liking, and then sketch in the eye's upper lid like so. You will then draw the inner lower eye lid like so, and make the tear duct.

Step 4.

Now as you can see draw in an eyeball, and then draw or color in the pupil. Next, make a bubble like shape just above the pupil like you see here.

Step 5.

Lastly for this step, all you have to do is first erase all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one, and then sketch in the eyelashes like you see here.

Step 6.

When you are all done you should have an eye that looks just like the one you see here. Now you can use what you just learned on your next character or cartoon.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 23, 2010
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Description: Well, today I’m going to continue the same theme as yesterday, but this time all five tutorials will be based on easy stuff to draw. To start, let me teach you "how to draw an easy eye", step by step. Eyes are a problem area when sketching a face of any sorts, even if you are drawing a cartoon face. The reason why drawing eyes can be such a challenge is because they have to be symmetrical in every way. The shapes have to be the same, the length, the width, and even the lashes and lids have to match up with one another. I decided to do a lesson that will teach you a way to draw an easy eye because I know how hard it must be for some of you novice artists out there. Initially the tutorial is going to tell you to draw large shapes and lines, but if you have a character’s face already drawn out, you can just draw the eye or eyes as the size you need for the face you already drew, or are about to draw. I think you will find that when it comes to making eyes look even in every which way possible, learning how to draw eyes from a good drawing lesson may be beneficial to you in more ways than one. I do hope you find this tutorial useful because when I made it I was really going on the premise that a lot of people have trouble drawing eyes. I will be back in a bit with some more drawing fun, so stay tuned in to see what else I have in store for all you artists out there.