How to Draw Easy Tribal

Artist: Dawn / October 15, 2010

Step 1.

Like you can see here, the first step looks very much like a horse head outline, or even a birds head from the side view. Once you have drawn out these two shapes, draw in a line in the middle of the face.

Step 2.

Now you will start sketching out the actual shape of the tribal werewolf snout, nose, brow, and the cheeks and jaw line. Notice how there is some hair on the chin, and on the edge of the cheek.

Step 3.

Wow, look at these crazy lines huh? Before you begin drawing out the back of the werewolves head, you will need to draw out the pointed ears like so. Notice how I included a notch in the ear. This is for added detailing. Once that is done, you can be   

Step 4.

This is a quick example on how to draw your pointed shapes and lines. See the direction of the arrows? That is how to draw the ends of each hair chunk. Make sure they flow nicely, and evenly.

Step 5.

For the last drawing step, all you need to do is draw an eye, some nostril holes, and all the sharp looking teeth. Draw the wrinkle lines that all canine animals have when they growl and snarl.

Step 6.

When all is done, you can color in the tribal design in a solid color. I used black, but you can choose any color you like. I hope you had fun guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 15, 2010
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Description: As you know I have submitted a whole bunch of easy stuff to draw. I wanted to keep on proving more easy lessons for all you novice artists out there, and because of that I figured I would draw something that was not only cool, but awesome. When I first started to draw out tribal designs, it was really hard for me to do. After practicing for a month, I felt that I was ready to submit my first tribal art drawing lesson so you too could learn in a short time what took me a month to learn. So today, this tutorial goes out to all those artists that want to learn "how to draw easy tribal", step by step. The key thing about drawing tribal art is making sure all the lines, shapes, and angles coexist in a nicely uniform manor. That is what I achieved with this concept. Now in order to get you folks hooked into this tutorial, I figured that it should be on a tribal werewolf. This way here it is not only going to be exciting to draw, it will also be incredibly amazing as well. If you have been trying to teach yourself the art of tribal drawing, you have just found the perfect lesson to teach you everything you need to know. I hope you enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw easy tribal", Iā€™m sure you will find this submission extremely helpful. Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day!