How to Draw Lola Bunny


First things first. We have to begin by drawing out the shapes and guidelines that will form a body frame for Lola. The body is going to be drawn in the pose that Lola will end up in. Start by making a circle for her head, three very curvy lines for    


Here you will begin sketching out the top half of her head and notice how the hair outline is being drawn in as well. When that is done, draw the lower portion of the face which is the cheeks, and chin.


Drawing Lola is not that bad. Here all you have to do is draw Lola's oblong eye shapes, and then draw in some eyelids, and batty lashes. Next and lastly for this third step, draw in the beginning of her blond colored bangs.


There is only three things that you will be doing in this step and I will tell you in order. 1. draw in her eyeballs. 2. draw Lola's small triangular nose, and 3. add a great big friendly smile.


Finish the smile by drawing in her two teeth, and then draw out her ears which droop down her back like pigtails. Draw in the elastic band at the base of the ears, and then add some detailing as well before you proceed onto step six.


Now that you have finished drawing Lola's face, you can get busy and start drawing out her body starting with the shoulders, arm, and dress which is in an hourglass like shape.


Draw out her other arm, and then draw in her gloved hands which are cropped on top of one another. Next, draw the waist lining, and the trim at the bottom of her dress.


Almost done guys. All you need to do here is draw out the legs which can easily be done just by sketching out two limp noodle shapes.


And finally, draw out Lola's big, round, rabbit feet. Don't forget the lines for her toes, and then erase the shapes and guidelines you drew in step one to clean her up and prepare Lola for color.


Look how purty Lola looks in her cute little innocent pose. Now you can go all out and color her in to make her look even more stunning. I hope you had fun learning how to draw Lola Bunny.

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March 30, 2011

Description: There is characters that are created and even though they play a considerable role in a series or movie, you some how forget all about them later on. This is the case with this next anthropomorphic figure that you will be getting a lesson on. Her name is Lola Bunny and she is a cartoon that was also created by Warner Bros. It is said that she was made to be the love interest for Bugs Bunny, and from time to time you will catch an episode with Bugs falling head over heels for this blonde bomb shell. Today I am going to show you an easy way to learn "how to draw Lola Bunny,", step by step. Her style is a bit typical as far as being an attractive cartoon based bunny goes. Her blond hair is worn in the form of bangs, and each one of her ears has a purple colored band at the base which are worn as pigtails. Instead of gray colored fur she is tan with lighter shades around the lower portion of her face, belly, and around the toes. Lola is also in the movie Space Jam, and she even has a baby version of herself created for the Baby Looney Tunes series. Remember when I said she was in Space Jam? Well, it just so happens that unlike her boyfriend Bugs, Lola had her character debut in 1996 in the movie Space Jam. I guess you could say she is a lot younger than Bugs Bunny which means she is into older rabbits. Anyways, the reason why I did this character as a tutorial is because there is a brand new Looney Tunes series coming out called "The Looney Tunes Show", and she is going to be one of the main stars. I do think you will enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw Lola", simply because she is a cute female bunny that has a lot of attitude and sass. I will be back in a bit so keep those eyes glued to for more drawing fun.

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