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How to Draw HuskyMUDKIPZ

Artist: Dawn / October 23, 2013
How to Draw HuskyMUDKIPZ

Step 1.

Draw the square box for the head and then make some fur on the cheeks. Add the notch on the middle part of the head.

Step 2.

Draw the oblong shapes of the eyes, then color in the shapes. Draw the rest of the cheeks, then draw the face line and mouth.

Step 3.

Here you will draw the tie starting with the knot. Add the crinkle in the tie, then draw the collar line.

Step 4.

Draw the shoulders, then sketch in the lining for the collar, shirt ruffle and then the pant straps. Erase those mistakes so you have a clean image to color in.

Step 5.

The line art comes out looking like what you see here. Color in HuskyMUDKIPZ and that's it.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 23, 2013
Steps: 5
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Tags: draw real people, how to draw people
Description: I'm not going to go into details with this tutorial description because this lesson is based on an icon or character used as a mascot for a Youtuber. Here is "how to draw HuskyMUDKIPZ", step by step. The box or square shaped face and regular shaped body is recognized to a lot of daily Youtubers and fans. Drawing HuskyMUDKIPZ should be a simple task because the concept of this character is pretty basic. If you are a subscriber to HuskyMUDKIPZ you should enjoy this tut. Adios amigos.