How to Draw Jigsaw, Jigsaw, Saw

Artist: Dawn / October 15, 2011

Step 1.

First, let's start off with the basic guidelines for our face for Jigsaw. You want to start with the oval because this is the essential shape that his entire face molds. Make sure you put the face lines as accurately has shown.

Step 2.

Then, we will move onto the shape of Jigsaw's head as well as the cheeks which is an essential part of his face.

Step 3.

Ok, in this step, we'll be sketching out the eyes as well as the various circles that frame his cheeks. Each cheek have four rings. Make sure you sketch this accurately!

Step 4.

When we frame the cheeks to form the mid-section of Jigsaw, we'll need to draw them 3/4 below the cheeks. You don't want them completely flushed with the cheeks. Make sure the middle mouth part is drawn a few inches from the two cheek parts.

Step 5.

To complete his face, let's draw the framing hair that curls in various directions. Take your time and try not to overly detail the hair.

Step 6.

Lastly, we'll sketch in the bow that tops his face the best. Now he's ready to skid on his pimpin' tricycle wheels to victims in despair.

Step 7.

With further clean up, you should have something similar to this. I hope ya'll enjoyed this lesson as much as I did, thanks for viewing and have fun!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: No your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you do see a drawing of the popular horror character Jigsaw. This is the familiar face that we associate the Saw series with. The puppet is used in the series to deliver messages to victims using a television screen which is placed in every torture scenario. Even though we label this puppet Jigsaw, its actual name is Billy. This puppet was initially created by John Kramer when he made the puppet for his unborn child. Instead, Billy is used to keep the captured guessing who is messing with their lives, literally. Sometimes Billy is seen riding a red tricycle like a child would in a very creepy way. In Saw III Kramer designs a much more disturbing form of Billy, and like all of John Kramerโ€™s creations, Billy the puppet will also be an icon for the Saw franchise. I already have this mask made and laid out as a lesson, but since I draw one hundred percent better now, I thought a cleaner, easier version of "how to draw Jigsaw", step by step would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, have fun with another popular Halloween character favorite as Billy or Jigsaw grazes your screen. Be sure to show folks what you have done, and also submit your finished work on the site to show others. Before I go, here is one of my favorite lines that Jigsaw says to one of his victims; โ€œ"Death is a surprise party, unless of course you're already dead on the inside." Have fun!