How to Draw a Halloween Cake, Halloween Cake

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Make two simple lines that form a cross or plus symbol.


Starting at the top, draw in your candy corn, as well as a small pumpkin shaped candy corn. Draw in the eyes, mouth and stem on the pumpkin.


Draw the top tier of the cake like so, and then line the bottom of the first cake tier with a row of more candy corn.


Sketch in the top of the cakes second tier which is in the form of frosting, and then be sure to make the edges in a dripping fashion.


And finally, draw the bottom of the cake like so, and begin cleaning up your drawing by erasing mistakes and guides.


The Halloween cake comes out looking both delicious and awesome. Color it in and you are all set. I hope you enjoyed learning to draw a Halloween cake.

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October 13, 2011

Description: Another very simple lesson coming your way and yes, it has everything to do with Halloween. I made you all a lesson on a Halloween cupcake, but how about a tutorial on "how to draw a Halloween cake", step by step. I know not everyone wants to see a lesson such as this, but come on you have to admit it is a fun concept to tackle for the holiday season. One of the fun things about the days before Halloween is the creative streak that comes to all of us that love making our own drawings to hang on the fridge, windows, and walls. My mother used to sit me at the kitchen table with some clean sheets of paper, a pencil, and a butt load of crayons in front of me. She used to say "okay, start drawing some cool Halloween stuff". I used to draw pumpkins, witches, cats, ghosts, vampires, Frankenstein, and even a few ghouls. I never really got into drawing Halloween food, but that's only because I didn't think to do it. Anyways, this is a fun and easy lesson to follow and if you do it right, you may just be surprised on how much fun you have while drawing a Halloween cake. Peace people and enjoy!

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